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Community Rules - Drive Electric Day - the first Saturday in October [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Drive Electric Day - the first Saturday in October

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Community Rules [Sep. 18th, 2008|11:39 am]
Drive Electric Day - the first Saturday in October


This first post is to establish a few guidelines.  Scroll up to read the recent posts to the community, starting with the most recent at the top.

1.  I don't really believe in rules, I believe in trusting people to 'play nice'.  But, if you abuse that trust, your offending post will be removed without warning.  If you abuse it again, you will be removed, without warning.  So, play nice!

2.  The original purpose of this community was to allow people to post to say What, When and Where they will be driving on the first Saturday of each October, and for others to respond to their posts with encouraging comments. 
Please see the Community Info page here:  http://community.livejournal.com/drive_electric/profile

3.  However, communities are organic and as such I imagine the nature of this community will develop.  I ask only that posts to the community remain relevant to the general theme of electric vehicles: so, they should be about Drive Electric Day, or, between times, have some connection with electric vehicles. 

4.  I have no problem with posts (personal or trade) offering useful info; items for sale like batteries, second-hand vehicles, etc, but only post once, don't spam us with your business.

5.  If you are organising some kind of electric vehicle event please feel free to post details here.  Be aware that I may well pass on anything of interest to members of the Battery Vehicle Society, since I am secretary of that organisation.  Also be aware that I will promote their events here too.

6.  If you are uncertain about anything, feel free to drop me an email before posting.